We are the Sisters of Shimmies
The Bellicious Babes
With Curves & Co-ordination
Unequalled in the Southern Hemisphere
As well as a Small Galaxy on the Outer Left Corner of the Milky Way!
From every walk of life, the Gypsy Queens of Belly Free Dance Studio are always ready to astound you with their hypnotizing Rhythm & Unparalleled Grace, their Mesmerizing Undulations & Sassy Style
Our performance dancers provide entertaining performances for all to see
We do not perform for bachelor parties or male only events!

We do:

  • Kitchen Teas
  • Birthday Parties
  • Team building
  • Ladies Nights
  • Baby Showers and Kiddies Parties

From the smallest birthday parties to the bigger corporate function, we will give your guests the performance that will keep them mesmerized.

A basic performance:

- One or more dancers as you require. 
- We do an opening performance of 3 dances.
- We then hand out belts to the guests
- We teach them basic belly moves
- Here we are open for you to guide us so we fit your special function.. 

Otherwise we just have fun

Price range depends on where the venue is, how long we have to dance and the number of dancers you require.
Email Gütlinn for a quote on your next function

Tracey Gregson:

Tracey started in 2006 and also loves Bridal Showers but her most favorite is the kiddies parties..   Highlights was the Yasmina Show at Sibaya and Shall we Dance

Tracey loves taking part in competition and attending workshops  to help her grow as a Belly Dancer

"Belly Dancing makes me feel free, strong and inspiring.  The feeling I have after a performance and hearing people responding is so fulfilling"  


Rozanne Smith:

Rozanne started Belly dancing in 2004 has done workshops with many teachers over the years. She enjoys performing, with bridal showers and weddings being her absolute favourites.  She loves learning and feels it is important to continue growing and learning as much as possible.  Highlights of her career include winning the adult gold section twice in the SADTA Belly Dance Division competition, and participating in theshow, Shall we Dance.  Rozanne has also explored other forms of dance. Latin & Ballroom and Salsa.Rozanne joined Belly Free Dance Studio in 2013 and has been such a asset to our studio.


Gutlinn Goncalves:

There are countless dance forms in the world and they are all beautiful.  My favorite is Belly Dancing.  I love the music. Love the expression and joy it adds.  I want my audience to fall in love with this special dance form as I have.  With belly dance I feel balanced, peaceful yet strong and powerful.


Gütlinn (Owner)
Cell: 083 611 6464



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