Welcome to Belly Free Dance Studio

The Studio is affiliated to the ... South African Dance Teachers Association Bellydance Division’

Life is beautiful here as we stir up the beauty within each woman while they discover the rhythm of their souls as well as the women they were born to be!!!

Belly Free Dance Studio serves as a beautiful space for women to come and enjoy a wonderful time whilst working out.  Through our dance classes and belly fitness programmes, our studio’s energy welcomes women from all walks of life, body types, and ages to start a journey of well-being.

Come and meet fellow belly dance enthusiasts and learn about culture, history, costumes, shows, styles and more!

We present to you an open heart,
With no heart there is no art, 
We will dance the hidden language of the soul. 
The audience’s ears hear the music and their eyes see us become the music. 
We will be the woman we were born to be
and perform beautifully for all to see. 
We are captivating,  
We are women.

* Life is beautiful here *


Gütlinn (Owner)
Cell: 083 611 6464




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